Build on the world’s most popular mobile platform

Create business apps on the world’s most popular mobile platform

Android delivers a flexible platform, with choice of devices and form factors, allowing you to reach millions of business users. Implement data separation and managed app configurations one time to make your app business ready.

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 Android DevHub

Give your business app a head start

Android DevHub is a place to help developers keep up with Android in the workplace and learn how to create amazing work apps. Join the Android DevHub to:

  • Get special access to betas and developer events
  • Learn from experts on building and distributing business apps
  • Engage fellow business app developers in an open forum
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 Get your apps in the hands of customers

Increase your reach using Google Play

Android offers a standard way to distribute apps to a global audience and integrates with major enterprise mobility management providers. Google Play allows admins to install paid applications with the click of a button using bulk licensing.

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 Develop third-party apps icon

Develop third-party apps

One version to maintain

Create a single version of your app that can be securely deployed to Android devices without alterations or wrapping.

Implement app restrictions

Create standard management configurations that allow IT to apply policies per app.

Enable bulk purchasing

Drive new revenue opportunities by distributing secure apps in bulk to enterprise customers.

 Develop internal apps icon

Develop internal apps

Build custom software

Create unique, innovative business apps that take advantage of Android’s open framework.

Self-host apps

Host apps on company servers and distribute through Google Play.

Integrate single sign-on

Leverage Play identity to seamlessly integrate single sign-on for free.