Healthcare Improve quality of care by deploying Android devices

Provide a better patient experience.

Whether you’re providing hospital or home care, equipping your medical professionals and facilities with managed Android devices* helps you provide the highest quality care. Android hardware diversity enables healthcare organizations to deploy a range of purpose-built, cost-effective devices that can be tailored to a variety of needs.

From the minute they arrive to their recovery at home, patients can utilize Android devices to check-in, take control of their hospital room experience and learn about procedures and post-surgery care. Clinicians can rely on Android devices for on-campus communications, scanning supplies and accessing other applications.

Better engagement for patients.

Engage and empower patients

Patients can get education about medical procedures and processes so they feel empowered and are less likely to be re-admitted.

Make the hospital stay enjoyable

Through a bedside Android device, patients can communicate with staff, get full access to on-demand videos and entertainment and control their lights and temperature.

Improve the recovery process

At home, patients can utilize Android devices to learn about follow-up care.

Enhanced collaboration and productivity for clinicians.

Streamline communications

Medical professionals can use Android devices for staff communications, emergency notifications and secure messaging.

Securely access business applications

Practitioners can securely utilize applications like email, calendar and storage on company issued or personal devices.

Manage and secure company devices

IT admins can can enforce security policies and administer apps through managed Google Play.

* HIPAA Disclaimer: Google does not intend uses of Android to create obligations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as amended (“HIPAA”), and makes no representations that Android satisfies HIPAA requirements.

Uniquely positioned to help you.

Range of rugged devices

Range of rugged devices

Built to withstand the rigors of hospitals, Android offers a variety of sturdy purpose-built devices.

Tailored solutions

Tailored solutions

One size does not fit all. The flexible Android platform can be tailored to your needs.

Deploy business apps

Deploy business apps

IT can deploy and manage third-party and privately hosted apps via managed Google Play.

Collective intelligence

Collective intelligence

Combine devices and sensor data with machine learning and cloud intelligence for smarter insights.