Manufacturing Increase efficiency through mobile insights

Transform manufacturing with mobile.

Android mobile solutions allow manufacturers to improve efficiency, productivity and collaboration by untethering workers and connecting them to machines, colleagues and customers in new ways. Equipped with a fleet of purpose-built devices, manufacturers are able to optimize each workflow and gather immediate information from the production floor, creating a smart and agile work environment that enables informed, real-time decision making.

By deploying an array of phones, tablets, customized devices and sensors, manufacturers can extract a wealth of data that helps lower costs, improve quality and ensure that plants are working at their full potential. And it allows organizations to act faster on opportunities that might get lost or delayed because of paper-based processes.

Put connected devices to work.

Work smarter as an organization

Connected devices help you analyze every inch of your business to improve reliability, streamline performance and reduce safety risks.

Put your data to work

Data from devices on the production floor help you make decisions faster, improve plant utilization and provide flexibility to adapt quickly to business trends and market demands.

Tailor solutions to your needs

Built on an open platform, Android can be combined with a range of cloud-connected devices to create solutions that suit your business needs instead of forcing you to work with out-of-the-box products.

Get more from each worker.

Accelerate decision making

Production employees can monitor real-time information to improve quality control and optimize inventory management while delivering critical data to decision makers.

Empower your salesforce

Sales employees can provide improved customer service by providing real-time updates, helping customers understand how their products are being made and shipped.

Securely handle work data

Office workers with access to company data can utilize a work profile to securely separate personal and work data on employee or company-owned devices.

Uniquely positioned to help you.

Great range of devices

Great range of devices

Ruggedized, highly secure, or cost-effective phones, tablets and more: Android has a device to fit your needs.

Tailored to your business

Tailored to your business

One size does not fit all. The flexible Android platform can be tailored to your needs.

Connected insights on the go

Connected insights on the go

Leverage your existing cloud solution or integrate with the Google cloud for Big Data analytics, IoT and storage.

Easy deployment

Easy deployment

Work with trusted partners to ensure that you deploy quickly.