Retail Use strategic insights to improve the customer experience

Transform the buying experience.

With Android, it’s easy to create rich, engaging and personalized interactions for each customer that walks through the door. Using Android, with its device diversity, innovative features and management options, retailers can surround customers with a fleet of smart, flexible devices that accelerate the buying process while generating critical data to drive future decisions.

Retailers can deploy Android-based point-of-sale systems to simplify checkout at the counter or on the sales floor. They can provide self-service, interactive catalogs or rich augmented and virtual reality solutions to help customers research and experience products. And they can deploy proximity-based beacons and other sensors to deliver relevant information and personalized content for customers.

Optimize your workforce.

Improve efficiency and collaboration

Scan inventory and process products using purpose-built devices to ensure products are in stock.

Streamline your supply chain

Utilize affordable tablets to connect distribution centers and the backroom with your supply chain to reduce delivery times.

Modernize management tools

Digitize and modernize manual processes using third-party and custom applications so staff can act on information faster.

Use insights to drive actions.

Make informed, timely decisions

Adjust inventory based on what products customers are viewing and trying.

Customize the shopping experience

Use previous interactions to personalize service for loyal customers.

Elevate each customer interaction

Intelligently cross-sell products based on customer preferences.

Uniquely positioned to help you

Range of devices

Range of devices

Ruggedized, premium, or cost effective: There’s a device to fit your business needs.

Tailored solutions

Tailored solutions

One size does not fit all. The flexible Android platform can be tailored to your needs.

Easy deployment

Easy deployment

Work with trusted management partners to ensure you deploy quickly.

Collective intelligence

Collective intelligence

Combine devices and sensor data with machine learning and cloud intelligence for smarter insights.