Control user access and features

Control who uses your Chromebooks, configure single sign-on, password management, pre-install printers, disable Guest Mode, or designate the specific users within your domain that can use a Chromebook.

Centrally configure networks

Configure anything from guest networks to WPA2 Enterprise networks to 1000s of devices in different locations, including remotely deploying certificates to get users up and running. Configure proxies, Safe Browsing and other features to keep them safe.

Pre-install, block and configure apps

Enhance your users' productivity by pre-installing all the custom apps they need to get their work done. Block or manage apps for specific groups including exceptions and push specific configuration to individual apps.

Centrally pre-configure and Auto-launch apps

Centrally pre-install apps required for your users to get their work done. Configure apps to automatically launch when the device boots up and set up a default home page.

Centrally monitor health of devices

Monitor device health, receive alerts and notifications and advanced reports. Remotely reboot devices that need attention. For signage and kiosk solutions, manage devices with the $24 Single App Kiosk Chrome Device Management License.

Centrally configure networks on 1000s of devices

Configure anything from guest networks to WPA2 Enterprise networks to 1000s of devices in different locations. Configure proxies and other features to keep them safe.

Chrome devices for meetings management

With Chrome management, you have the ability to remotely manage your meeting devices and calls. You can easily add multiple devices and people to a meeting as well as mute those on a call.

Connects easily to calendars

Chrome management gives you the ability to easily associate a Chromebox for Meetings device to a corporate or personal calendar, allowing for easier collaboration with people inside and outside your company.

Network Settings

Enable “zero touch” deployment with Chrome management. You can remotely deploy and configure network controls for your Chromebox for Meetings such as setup wired or wireless networks and more.