Create a winning environment for your employees

Strategic Development

Engage your Employees

Engage your Employees

Better analyse, motivation & engagement to create a happier workforce

Create a visual portal for internal mobility.

Manage housing properties and create a relevant experience for employees when relocating.

Understand office usage and see what space is available.

Increase Performance and Productivity

Increase Performance and Productivity

Happy workers are 31% more productive. With the right tools, you can develop a happier, more productive workforce.

Show on a map which office location is performing well and combine data points with your latest analysis. Results can appear instantaneously and be a powerful tool for your next report.

Analyse the mobility of your employees around the world and bring powerful figures to light to optimize hotel negotiations or calculate your environmental impact.

Assign missions in real time to your field workers while geo-locating them.

Optimize Career Management

Optimize Career Management

Know where the potential is.

Develop a structured plan for each employee and anticipate evolution and development.

Customize your internal portal for internal mobility offers.

Visualize the potential of each employee from your different office locations and have a powerful impact on career management optimization.

Operational Development

Assess Skills and Knowledge

Assess Skills and Knowledge

Use Maps as a tool to follow the progress of your employees with instant insights.

By visualizing the level of training on your different office locations, you can easily optimize the coaching and organise more efficient classes.

Set up trainings and assess skills via a simple and easy-to use tool.

Know which office needs specific training.

Ensure Safety at Work

Ensure Safety at Work

Easily identify sensitive zones and protect your employees.

Isolated employees need to be closely monitored in order to avoid industrial accident.

Point out manufacturing sites that need more attention than others.

Analyze sickness, absence or health protection of your different offices or plants.

Prevent accidents with an indoor-map, showing your employees zones and protection rules.

Attract, Recruit & Retain The Best Talents

Attract, Recruit & Retain The Best Talents

Attract talent and hire the best people.

Enable your users to easily view positions via search criteria and create an attractive and interactive experience.

Save time to your future collaborators by letting them find geo-located data right away.


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A familiar interface

Styled maps

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