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Chrome OS: Secure from bootup to shutdown

Join Google to understand how Chrome OS is designed with data security in mind.


Future of retail, part 1: How brick and mortar can leverage digital

Join Google to explore how in-store Chrome devices can give retailers an edge.


Future of retail, part 2: Deploy in-store devices simply with Chrome

Learn how Chrome OS makes it simple to build a more dynamic retail business with in-store digital.


Future of retail, part 3: Digital devices in the Mall of America

See Chrome digital devices in action as they transform the customer journey, including a deep dive on America's largest mall.


What’s new with Chrome Enterprise

Join Google to learn about the latest features for Chrome Enterprise.


Hangout on Air: “Chromebooks: Built beautiful, built for work”

Saswat Panigrahi, Product Manager for Chrome explains what makes Chromebooks ready for work


Hangout on Air: “Chrome Enterprise: Benefits for work”

Saswat Panigrahi and Vidya Nagarajan, product managers for Chrome, talk Chrome Enterprise


Hangout on Air: “Devices to power small business”

Walk through the benefits of using Chrome for your small business needs with Nick King, Global head of marketing, Google Enterprise Devices.


Chrome Live: “Bringing the devices revolution to work”

Rajen Sheth, Director of Product Management, Google, discusses how the Chrome platform is helping businesses leverage the new era of connected devices.


Chrome Live: Chromebook, the power of everyday business

Product Manager Saswat Panigrahi provides an overview of how Chromebooks deliver stable, secure performance for everyday business tasks.


Chrome Live: “Chromebox for signage and kiosks: The power of intelligent screens”

Learn how Chrome makes it easy to create a custom screen or kiosk for your business.


Chrome Live: “Chromebox for meetings: Simple video meetings at work”

See how Chrome delivers reliability to today’s collaborative business environments.


Chrome Live: “You can run your business on Chrome”

Learn how effectively and seamlessly you can run your business on Chrome.


Hangout on Air: “Hangouts + Chromebox for meetings”

Product managers Vidya Nagarajan and Ronald Ho explain how to leverage Hangouts and Chromebox for meeting for your video conferencing needs.


WSJ: Why It’s Time to Take Google’s PC Operating System Seriously

Chrome OS, long derided as an also-ran, has quietly snuck up on Windows and Mac


ZDNet: Chromebooks are the new “it just works” platform

Chromebooks are a near-perfect solution for business and BYOD


CIO: 9 business-worthy Chrome for Work devices

Google has an entire lineup of Chrome-based devices aimed at business users


Engadget: HP’s new Chromebook 13 is a Pixel for everybody

16GB of RAM in a Chromebook? Sure, why not.

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