Lyft helps riders save money and get to their destinations faster with its Maps powered mobile app.

drivers are registered on Lyft Maps-based app
160 million
rideshares in 2016
US cities listed on app
"When customers use our app, they expect there’ll be a car waiting for them and they’ll get to their destination as quickly as possible. We make it easy for our riders to quickly see this information right in the app."

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Ride-sharing has become an intensely competitive business. To succeed Lyft knew it needed to connect riders and drivers simply and conveniently and make the experience delightful from beginning to end.


The Google Maps Android API creates the Lyft Android app’s main interface—it’s the map users see when they log in. Users can drop pins on a map or enter their location manually to indicate pick-up and drop-off locations. Through reverse geocoding, the app will recognize locations and determine an address automatically based on where the pin is dropped. Lyft also helps people find their locations by using the Google Places Search API. People often think about the places they want to go by name—for example, they’ll enter “Cliff House” rather than the restaurant’s street address. The Google Places Search API allows a passenger to enter the name of a destination.


  • Users can enter the name of a destination using the Places Search
  • Improving even more ride options—including expanding the new Lyft Line option for riders going in the same direction
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs Lyft has used to create their mobile application:


Google Maps Geocoding API

Determine an address automatically based on a pin drop


Google Places API for Android

Help riders find their locations


Google Maps Android API

Mobile app for Android users


Google Places API for Android

Determine places and locations

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