Single-purpose devices for use by employees

A simple and secure device platform for specialized use cases, perfect for shift workers, caregivers and other employees.

Cost-effective computing

Cost-effective computing

Chrome provides a complete, high-performance computer experience for accessing web applications at a fraction of the cost of a traditional computer.

Unmatched uptime

Unmatched uptime

The applications that drive your business need to be accessible to your staff when they need them. Chrome devices support this availability with unmatched uptime.

Flexibility and choice

Flexibility and choice

Chrome devices support a wide range of use cases with your choice of trusted manufacturers and channels from which to purchase them.

Devices for shift workers

Shift workers are increasingly accessing more business processes and applications through computers. From logistics to HR onboarding, Chrome devices serve a wide variety of use cases and can be the foundation of a shift worker device strategy.

Devices for retail workers

Chrome devices offers a simple way to help store workers access web-based apps, conduct back-room functions and undergo training. Chrome devices can be used in the front of the store for payment and as a mobile device for working on the floor.

Single use devices for employees


Support for single use devices

Need help with your device? Visit the Chrome Help Center for technical support related questions.

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