Devices for enterprise

The security, simplicity and speed of Chrome combined with powerful, premium high quality devices

Secure apps and data

Secure apps and data

Multiple hardware and software security layers provides always-on protection for your employees and your business data.

New Chrome Enterprise License

New Chrome Enterprise License

Simple, web-based controls - with more than 200 policies - and flexible fleet management using your choice of third party management software.

G Suite plus legacy software support

G Suite plus legacy software support

Access all the tools your employees need - modern cloud apps or legacy systems using virtualization - to get the job done.

Simple to deploy

Chrome devices can be rolled out quickly and can integrate easily with existing environments, delivering the right apps to the right people.

Online or offline

With Chrome devices, you can access and edit files anywhere and changes will sync whenever you’re back online.

Work computing devices


Support for work computers

Need help with your device? Visit the Chrome Help Center for technical support related questions.

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Virtualization for Chromebooks

Chrome RDP

Access your remote Windows desktop. Both standard RDP and SSL encryption are supported.

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With Citrix XenApp, you can access virtualized Windows applications on your Chromebook.

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Virtualize your Windows desktop and deliver them to Chromebooks.

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Amazon WorkSpaces

Access your cloud desktop, productivity apps, and corporate network from your Chromebook.

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