Be a connected manufacturer
Google is the glue that brings together dispersed teams, processes, and data, with secure, easy to use tools

Go from ideas to products

Brainstorming at your fingertips

Share and turn ideas into products quickly across global teams with G Suite.

Access & analyze data anywhere

Rely on Google Cloud Platform to securely access and analyze data, making faster, smarter decisions.

Make searching simple

Search across internal documents and data using the Google Search Appliance.

Improve service, faster

Streamline customer support

Quickly research and resolve customer issues with self-serve Google Search Appliance and Site Search.

Work better, smarter -- globally

Collect, manage, update, and share customer service information on any web-enabled device with Google Spreadsheets.

Improve first-call resolution rates

Collect customer feedback using Google Forms and view results easily in Google Spreadsheets.

Make better decisions across global teams

Map and manage big data

Pinpoint data with Maps Engine and gain real-time visibility into team locations with Maps Coordinate.

Provide devices on factory floors

Help teams innovate quickly , collaborate from anywhere, and access the web with cloud-based Chrome Devices such as Chromebooks.

Improve disaster response

Equip teams to quickly locate and access data across your organization with Google Search Appliance.

Strengthen your supply chains

Coordinate planning & scheduling

Gain instant visibility into teams and workflow with Maps Coordinate, and keep a tight project plan with Google Spreadsheets.

Find CRM & ERP content easily

Collaborate with G Suite, host data on the Google Cloud Platform, and locate info via Google Search Appliance.

Optimize product & material bid processes

Easily create and submit RFPs, review proposals, and connect decision-makers with G Suite.
Benefits of Google

Consumer heritage

Google features tools you already use,
from Search to Gmail to Maps.

Massive scale

Scale as never before with Google's
global infrastructure.

Customer success

Ensure success with unparalleled
reliability and support, 24/7.

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