Shared single-use devices for customers and guests

Chrome makes it practical for business and nonprofits to deploy shared devices at scale for customers

Affordable solution

Affordable solution

Chrome devices cost far less than other devices to acquire, deploy and administer making it cost-effective to use for customer interactions.

Always ready

Always ready

Chrome provides reliable uptime that prevents customer frustration and dead screens and leads to high guest satisfaction.

Any use case

Any use case

Chrome devices can support a wide range of use cases and can be dynamically and remotely reconfigured to switch from one use case to another.

Profitable and satisfying guest experiences

Shared devices can reduce transaction friction, increase spend-per-visit and enable delightful guest experiences. Chrome’s affordability and reliability makes it practical to roll these devices out at scale.

The device of choice for non-profits

Like K-12 schools, non-profits know that Chrome devices are perfect for teaching environments. Chrome Enterprise makes configuring and locking down shared devices simple.

Single use devices for customers


Support for single use devices

Need help with your device? Visit the Chrome Help Center for technical support related questions.

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