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NTT Docomo reduced costs and improved development efficiency by using Google Maps APIs.

4 month
Maps-based system development completion
reduction in development time
reduction in map data procurement costs
"To build a map data system with a huge volume of data would normally take almost six months for the addition of the lowest-level functions alone. Reconstruction from scratch, like this time, takes at least one year. One of the biggest advantages of Google Maps APIs is that the development period was shortened by almost two thirds.”

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After consolidating regional companies, NTT Docomo decided to build and in-house maps and road maps of the highest accuracy—including topography, altitude data and aerial photographs. Since the area covered the whole of Japan, considerable funds had been allocated to the house map data and it took the team two years to build. The volume of data was so large that construction, operation, and updating the data was costly and time consuming.


After a disastrous earthquake hit in 2011 the development team scrambled, and management instructed the team to make the system more efficient and to reduce costs. Development started in November, and was completed by the following month. At the beginning of March 2012, four months after the start of development project, the switchover of the entire area information management system to Google Maps APIs was completed, shortening their development period by almost two thirds. NTT DOCOMO was able to reduce costs needed for map data procurement by at least 90% and improve development efficiency through the introduction of Google Maps APIs. It has been improving their area information system, including the addition of Street View.


  • The team optimized usability of the system
  • Google Maps APIs makes their information system even more scalable, with data available across multiple locations
  • Map data is always up-to-date and users are able to access the most current information with no additional development costs

APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs NTT Docomo has used to create their application:


Google Maps Javascript API

Build and customize maps into the system


Google Static Maps API

Embed Google Maps into the information system


Google Street View Image API

View 360 of infrastructure locations

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