With 99Acres, customers can search for properties to buy or rent on a map, based on a set of criteria, then compare prices and analyze historical prices for that area.

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"The Geocoding, Directions and Distance Matrix APIs help us give context to customers as they conduct research and evaluate possible options with respect to location."

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99acres wanted to provide customers with the location-based search results that they expect and create a seamless consumer experience. To provide context around a property’s location, 99acres needed a solution with an accurate and comprehensive database of information about nearby destinations, the neighborhood and local transit.


99acres chose Google Maps for its high quality data, including points of interest and geographic mapping capabilities, as well as it ease of use. When consumers search for properties, their results are shown in a maps view, rather than a list. Consumers can apply filters to the properties, and the map results view will only show properties that fit their parameters. The new solution removes the bias a list may introduce. For example, if a customer searched for properties in New Delhi before 99acres introduced Google Maps, his search would yield a series of pages listing results 1-5, 6-10 and so forth. Often customers look at the first couple based on the ranking, but with the map results view, properties are put on the same playing field.


  • Users now have access to information about points of interest, the neighborhood, hospitals and schools, which helps consumers make a more informed decision about where they want to live
  • Consumers were already familiar with Google Maps, so when 99acres introduced its location-based mapping feature, consumers instantly expressed that they had a better experience
  • Data accuracy prevents the addition of incorrect location information on listing pages, helps agents and users post an exact address derived by pinning it up on the map, in turn improving the confidence score of the property
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs 99Acres has used to create their website:


API de Google Maps Directions

Calculate the best routes


Google Maps Distance Matrix API

Identify best route


API de Google Maps Geocoding

Identify exact address and pin on the map


API de Google Street View Image

View 360 panoramas of properties

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