Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand provides fast, easy and cost-effective access to some of the best local doctors, psychologists, and other healthcare providers in the country.

pharmacies locations validated and registered on map
3 minutes
or less to see a local doctor
"We see a direct connection between maps and improving patient care. In the greater scheme, Google Maps improve the health of our patients, and, the health of our business."

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With the average wait time to see a physician at three weeks and even when seeing a doctor, it takes 2-3 hours from home or office to the time to get back, Doctor on Demand set out to connect patients to physicians faster and allow physicians to prescribe medications at the right pharmacies.


Geolocation is at the heart of the Doctor on Demand solution. In order to comply with medical regulations, Doctor On Demand must connect patients with physicians licensed within the state they are physically located. With Google Maps APIs, accurately determining the state a patient is located in before connecting them with a physician becomes seamless. In addition, Doctor on Demand allows patients to view a map of nearby pharmacies before they start a video call with a medical professional. For users, maps make it easy and convenient to connect with physicians and pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy.


  • Doctor on Demand is consistent across platforms—whether the patient is on a deskop, iOS and Android device, the experience feels similar
  • Maintaining location accuracy—updating the geolocation information for over 65,000 pharmacies across the country every evening
  • Meeting compliance standards—connecting patients with physicians licensed in the state in which they are located
  • Helping users save time and make better choices
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs Doctor on Demand has used to create their website and mobile application:


API de Google Maps Geocoding

Accurately determine the state where a patient is located


Google Maps Javascript API

Locate nearby pharmacies on a map


API de Google Maps para Android

Mobile app for Android users


SDK de Google Maps para iOS

Mobile app for iOS users

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