When Infoxchange created Ask Izzy, the goal was to connect Australia's homeless with real-time location-based information including shelter, food and other essential services.

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"None of the benefits provided by Ask Izzy would be possible without our partners, whose cutting-edge technology we depend on every day. We’re thrilled to call Google a partner and we look forward to growing our working relationship and doing more to address the needs of our users."

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In Australia, 1 in 200 people are homeless, but 80 percent of them have a smartphone. Infoxchange realized that these smartphones could act as a lifeline to basic resources, providing real-time information about nearby services, including services that offer food and shelter.


Infoxchange created Ask Izzy, a free, mobile-first directory that helps homeless Australians find location-based services. The website gives homeless individuals information about over 350,000 vital nearby services such as shelter, food, needle exchanges, employment resources, technology facilities like Wi-Fi and charging stations, legal and financial advice. The site also suggests specific destinations and services based on a user's current location and can tell a user how far away various services are and provide transit options.


  • Built to as a mobile-friendly website, so users can access via smartphone, tablet and desktop devices
  • Able to connect homeless to over 350,000 vital nearby services
  • Provides a comprehensive view of service demand accessed via the website across the country
Infoxchange Google Maps Phone

APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs InfoXchange has used to create their website:


API de Google Maps Directions

Provide transit options


Google Maps Distance Matrix API

Identify distance of service locations


Servicio web de la API de Google Places

Suggest specific destinations and services based on a user's current location

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