Madras Cements

Madras Cements, one of the 6 largest cement operators in India, uses Google Maps to have has better visibility of business landscape, resulting in overall cost savings, increased efficiency, productivity, profitability & growth.

reduction in penalties thanks to visualization on Maps
increase in consignment clearance times
employees use the Maps-based tool
"Google Maps is the differentiating factor in our business intelligence strategy. With its data visualisation, we have been able to better harness the power of our Ramco ERP data."

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Madras Cements wanted to better visualize and leverage rich data generated from the Ramco ERP system. It was also seeking to understand the real issues affecting operations and performances across the region. Its traditional means of reporting using traditional spreadsheets was complex and time-consuming, holding-back business decision making. The team was looking for a data visualization solution, one that offered richer, dynamic, interactive graphics that integrated with the Ramco ERP system.


Madras Cements chose Google Maps to integrate with its Ramco ERP system. By layering its data onto Google Maps, the result was a rich data visualization tool that facilitated idea generation and improved productivity. Over 1,000 employees across India access reports and transactions on a daily basis from the Ramco ERP system and integrated Google maps. Management at Madras Cements uses Google Maps for visual analysis – for monitoring benchmarks, identifying discrepancies and deviation. Google Maps serves as a tool to help them develop appropriate strategies for business growth. Also, the field sales team now has the capability to easily view information on their mobile devices – information ranging from competitor distribution networks in their area, to the best and worst performing dealers.


  • Penalties, losses and damages have reduced by up to 70%
  • Consignment clearance time has increased by up to 40%
  • Successfully captured 20-30% market share within their growth markets
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs Madras Cement has used to create their internal website:


Servicio web de la API de Google Places

Detailed places information


API de Google Maps Directions

Calculate directions


Google Maps Distance Matrix API

Estimate travel time and distance


API de Google Maps Elevation

Elevation data for projects


API de Google Maps Geocoding

Validate locations and addresses


API de Google Maps Embed

Add the map to the site


Google Maps Javascript API

Build and customize map

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