Network Rail (High Speed)

Network Rail (High Speed) maintains a key high-speed rail link between London and Paris

of its bridges, tunnels and other engineering assets have been layered on top of Google Maps
of civil engineering assets will be layered onto Google Maps by the end of 2016
“With Google Maps APIs, we’re able to perform faster, more appropriate maintenance. Our engineers can quickly dispatch technicians to fix problems because they now have all the information about the repair at their fingertips."

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Network Rail (High Speed) operates and maintains the High Speed 1 (HS1) railway route between London and the Eurotunnel terminal. It maintains more than 12,000 associated civil engineering assets including bridges, tunnels, security fencing and drainage. The company was using spreadsheets, databases and disparate systems to catalog information about the assets, and its engineers struggled to find the information they needed to respond quickly to repair damage.


Snowdrop Solutions used the Google Maps Javascript API to build the NRHS Route Model web app for Network Rail (High Speed) that shows assets along the HS1 route. It uses Google Maps controls for zooming, searching and navigation, so engineers can easily find assets such as bridges. The Route Model uses the Layers feature of the Google Maps Javascript API so engineers can view details about an asset, such as drawings, inspection reports and potential hazards near bridges. Engineers can use Street View to get an up-close view of an asset and its surroundings. Armed with this information, engineers can quickly create repair plans and dispatch technicians to fix problems.


  • Engineers can easily find the precise location of any bridge, tunnel or other system, along with detailed information about its surroundings
  • NRHS business gains a comprehensive view of the entire route, helping deliver asset management excellence and efficient rail operations
  • Technicians are better informed about assets and can complete repairs more quickly and safely
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs Network Rail (High Speed) has used to create their website:


Google Maps Javascript API

Built the NRHS Route Model web app


API de Google Street View Image

Shows real-life views of bridges, tunnels and other assets in their surroundings


API de Google Maps Geocoding

Syncs engineering data layers with Google Map location data

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