Chicago Department of Transportation

dotMaps, an internal web application based on Google Maps, helps the City of Chicago manage the work, cut down on conflicts, save taxpayer money, and improve quality of life.

30,000 projects
viewed on a live interactive map
$24 million
savings from duplicative work thanks to the web app
"The Google Maps interface was a big selling point in getting dozens of agencies to buy into working with dotMaps. City workers were familiar with the Google Maps interface, and so were immediately comfortable with it. They didn’t need training because they already knew how to use Google Maps’ functionality."

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The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) Project Coordination Office (PCO) needed to not only increase its investment in street paving projects, but also invest in infrastructure projects to drive efficiency—bringing city departments and utilities together to collaborate on reducing conflicts between construction projects.


The CDOT team wanted a new GIS management software that could be used by the City and external utilities to better manage all the projects and meet the operational demands of the CDOT's Division of Infrastructure Management and Office of Underground Coordination. They worked with SADA Systems a Google Cloud Premiere Partner to design and build an external and intuitive platform to assist in coordination. The application, dotMaps, is an interactive web mapping service built on Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform, and helps the city manage the work, cut down on conflicts, save taxpayer money, and improve quality of life by reducing unnecessary roadwork and easing traffic congestion. dotMaps, which provides collaborative tools that allow people to create projects and resolve overlapping ones using geolocation, all in real-time, solves a bedeviling problem for city officials and planners: Coordinating public and private construction projects to avoid duplicate work.

Lợi ích

  • All permit, project, and special event data can be viewed in one location with about 30,000 current projects on a live interactive map
  • dotMaps allows someone to see every project within a given radius—a big help when checking for conflicting projects, or gauging the concentration of projects in a single area
  • Helping public and private entities to coordinate work more efficiently, resulting in additional savings in 2014 of more than $24 million
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs Chicago Department of Transportation has used to create their internal website and mobile application:


Google Maps Distance Matrix API

View projects within a given radius


API mã hóa địa lý Google Maps

Plots project points on the map


Dịch vụ web API Google Địa điểm

Validates addresses, and auto-completes when typed


Google Maps Javascript API

Displays the map on a Web page


SDK Google Maps dành cho iOS

Mobile app for iOS users


API Android Google Maps

Mobile app for Android users

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