DPD delivers over 2.5 million parcels each day to 230 countries worldwide—using Google Maps APIs to improve usability and reduce costs.

3.6 million
parcels delivered every day
delivery experts using the Maps-based app
pickup points registered on the map
"Google Maps is a major player in the market and is already a part of most users’ everyday internet experience. The APIs also offer developers numerous new opportunities to improve and tailor the delivery experience for customers’ busy schedules."

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Before they began using Google Maps, DPD built its own software to plot package drop-off locations on the DPD website. The application worked with digital maps — an important and innovative feature at the time — but DPD was dissatisfied with the cost and usability of the tool. By switching to Google Maps, DPD wanted to improve the parcel delivery experience, provide recipients various delivery options and emphasize transparency and flexibility in the delivery process.


DPD introduced Google Maps APIs to power its drop-off location finder and now uses the APIs to introduce a new service: live tracking for deliveries. This tracking feature is one of the most-used services on the DPD website and unique in the German delivery market. Both the package sender and recipient can look up the exact position of the package and follow its location on the online map. They can also see the arrival estimate, accurate within 30 minutes, and redirect the package if needed. The live-tracking display allows the user to follow the route of their delivery live on a PC or smartphone at any time.

Lợi ích

  • Google Maps APIs helped DPD improve the usability of its location features, lower costs, and easily introduce new functions
  • Since moving to Google Maps and introducing live-tracking, website visitors have increased steadily. DPD now registers
  • 35,000 users and around 300,000 site views per day
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs DPD has used to optimize their website:


API chỉ đường Google Maps

Calculate directions for drivers


Google Maps Distance Matrix API

Estimate travel time and distance for packages and delivery


API mã hóa địa lý Google Maps

Convert between addresses and geographic coordinates


Google Maps Javascript API

Build and customize map


API bản đồ tĩnh Google

Display map on the site


Dịch vụ web API Google Địa điểm

Provide accurate location place information

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