Aggregating vacation rentals from dozens of sites on a single map is helping vacationers find the right listing from more than five million properties in 150,000 destinations.

2 million
unique monthly visitors on Maps-based website
increase in monthly revenue within a year
"Ease of entry into the market was important, and going with Google Maps allowed us to access the vast amount of experience developers have with its APIs. A big ecosystem of partners has also sprung up around Google Maps, so it’s easy to get help."

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Challenge needed to create the best customer experience in order to drive traffic to its site and conversion rates of website visitors into guests. To do all that, it was looking for a mapping solution for building an easy-to-use interface with fast loading times and the ability to scale. The company also wanted tools that would allow the maps to to zoom in and out, and accurately confirm rental addresses from the sites it searched.


The first page on has a search box that lets visitors search for where and when they plan to vacation. sends this information to multiple vacation-rental sites and layers the results onto a Google Map. The left side of the screen displays the map with pins for each rental. The right side of the screen displays a photo of each rental, with information including pricing and its source (the travel site where it’s listed). Users can click a pin to display the photo of the rental, and click the photo for more details and to complete their booking. The Places API helps the site automatically scale the map to match searches. For example, if the user searches rentals in Paris, the Places API indicates the correct zoom level to display listings. It also helps ensure accurate address data since in some cases the rental owners don’t provide complete address information.

Lợi ích

  • Visitors can easily navigate Maps using familiar controls and see everything they need at a glance
  • Accurate Places data validates address for rental locations and also optimizes the zoom level to display listings
  • Traffic has grown 2,918%, to more than two million unique monthly visitors
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs has used to create their website:


Dịch vụ web API Google Địa điểm

Ensure users get accurate destination information


Google Maps Javascript API

Layer the results onto a Google Map

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