At a Glance

What they wanted to do:

  • Help advertising experts analyze endcustomer trends in a targeted way
  • Provide method for offering tailormade outdoor advertising solutions
  • Build a tool to plan new advertising locations taking into account sociodemographic data and/or derived traffic frequency.

What they did:

  • Created a comprehensive knowledge data base using survey data and external and public databases

What they accomplished:

  • Delivered a visualization tool that analyses information and makes findings available to decision makers rapidly

"Google Maps API has an incomparable advantage all of our users already understood how to use it from everyday use in the consumer world."

—Gerhard Schrotter, international project manager, Clear Channel Outdoor

About Google Maps API

Google Maps API makes it easy for companies to include fully interactive Google Maps on their public and internal websites. The Maps API helps your customers and employees make the right business and purchasing decisions by visualizing important information on a familiar map.

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"ClearView, with the support of Google Maps API, visualizes the customer-orientated processes within Clear Channel and is the veritable heart of the CCO offer and marketing strategy"

—Beat Röschlin, chief executive officer, Clear Channel Outdoors

Clear Channel Outdoor simplifies targeted advertising, shows clients the real picture with Google Maps API


Clear Channel Outdoor — Plakanda AG (CCO) is the Swiss subsidiary of Clear Channel Outdoor Holding, Inc., one of the world’s leading outdoor advertising companies. CCO Holdings is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and sells around one million outdoor advertising sites to advertising clients as well as media and advertising agencies in 49 countries across five continents. The company has been established in Switzerland since 1923 and currently employs 200 people across nine locations. Globally, CCO Holdings have several thousand employees.


Companies that advertise need to ensure that their messages reach their target groups effectively. In today’s information age, characterized by rapid technological developments, the market-relevant factors required to identify these target groups are constantly changing. This can make it difficult for companies to advertise in a targeted way. It is therefore important to base spending decisions on well-founded market knowledge. This is why companies are turning more and more to advertising specialists to make the most of their expertise. Outdoor advertisers are more than ever faced with the challenge of providing their customers with a comprehensive range of information to ensure that their advertising produces the required results.

CCO has taken up this challenge and developed a web solution specifically for the outdoor market. ClearView, as it is called, is based on the well-known Google Maps application and gives Swiss advertising experts the opportunity to observe the market and analyse end customer trends in a targeted way, enabling them to offer tailor-made outdoor advertising solutions for their business customers.

Another advantage of ClearView and Google Maps is that Clear Channel can use the tool to plan new advertising locations taking into account sociodemographic data and/or derived traffic frequency.


ClearView enables both sales and planning processes to be aimed at spatially differentiated target groups. Advertising campaigns can therefore be perfectly adapted to target clientele.

Using survey data and external and public databases, CCO uses ClearView to create a comprehensive knowledge data base, then analyses the information within it and makes the resulting findings available to the decision makers who are responsible on the client side within the shortest possible timeframe. Google Maps support Clear Channel in the visualization of all the various CCO advertising sites in Switzerland and illustrates all of the factors for the location. ClearView is available as an external tool which Clear Channel customers can use, and also as an in-house version with integrated company data, thus producing even more in-depth analyses.

This enables ClearView to give advertising customers an unprecedented level of transparency. It links Clear Channel advertising sites, which can be visualised by the customer via a photograph, with geo-information from

Google Maps, giving the customer an insight into the environment of the site that he would like to book, with the data available right from the first stages of the search. Is the site in a prominent location—for example at the entrance to a busy supermarket — or is it situated somewhere where it is difficult to see? What format is it —is it illuminated or just a "normal" advertising surface? The Clear Channel customer gets all this information right from the first click.

Moreover, CCO experts provide a range of additional important and accurate data and environmental analyses to make sure that advertising campaigns create the desired effect.

In the past, Clear Channel already implemented maps from local sources, but to increase the acceptance of ClearView among clients and those who will be working with this web-based tool, and to make it simple and intuitive, the only possible solution was to use the globally recognized and widely appreciated Google Maps function. The product has an the advantage of widespread familiarity, since virtually every user already recognizes it from everyday internet use


ClearView has become more than just an integral part of customer-orientated processes within Clear Channel Outdoor— it is at the very heart of the CCO offer and marketing strategy. The real catalyst for its success was the tried and trusted Google Maps visualization tool. Numerous customer orders can be directly attributed to the implementation of ClearView and thus to Google Maps. Both customers and internal users are more than satisfied with the current ClearView offer.

"ClearView, with the support of Google Maps API, visualizes the customer-orientated processes within Clear Channel and is the veritable heart of the CCO offer and marketing strategy,"says Beat Röschlin, chief executive officer.

ClearView is being constantly updated to provide employees and customers with further improvements in usability and to broaden the service and information offer.