99Taxis, an on-demand taxi service based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, lets customers book rides from independent taxi drivers and then pay for the trips.

3 million
rides per month booked through Maps-based app
taxi drivers registered on the map
7 million
app downloads on iOS and Android
"A big reason for the popularity of the services throughout Brazil is the familiar Google Maps interface – people don’t spend any time learning how to use the app. The APIs, which display locations and help drivers get to their passengers faster, have also been important for us."

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99Taxis wanted to work with self-employed taxi drivers in Brazil by creating a service that would help riders find them using a smartphone app. The service would help both customers and drivers – it would cut down on customer wait time for taxis, and drivers could book rides with them more easily.


Unlike many other ride-hailing apps, 99Taxis helps people find rides with drivers who are registered and regulated as taxi drivers. When users launch the app, their phone’s GPS detects their location, shows them locations of all nearby taxis, and displays taxi locations on the map as they drive. Users can zoom in and out and navigate around the map using familiar Google Maps controls. It calculates the best route for taxi drivers to get to riders - helping them get there faster - while passengers know how long it will take for their taxis to pick them up.


  • Drivers get to their passengers faster—drivers have the best routes and passengers view the progress of the taxi live on the map
  • With the familiar Google Maps interface users spent minimal time learning how to use the app
  • Developers can easily add new features and tweak existing ones, improving their productivity, saving time, and helping the company bring new features to market quicker
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs 99Taxis has used to create their website and mobile application:


Google Maps Directions API

Calculate the best routes for drivers to take


Google Maps Distance Matrix API

Calculate the best routes for drivers to take


Google Maps Geocoding API

Translate current user physical location into an address


Google Maps Android API

Mobile app for Android users


Google Maps SDK for iOS

Mobile app for iOS users

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