airberlin enables users to quickly and effectively plan trips with a cleaner, simpler map interface.

increase in visitor traffic to map-based website
increase in flights booked via the map
"Ever since the new route map was launched on in December 2013, the number of visitors to this interactive map has grown by more than 50 percentage points."

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airberlin has offered an interactive route map since 2006, allowing customers to both check existing flight connections and begin booking a flight. The previous interactive solution, did not offer users much flexibility and required a great deal of maintenance. It also had no “touch and move” or zoom functions. This meant that users could not control the map functions on the touchscreens of mobile devices simply by swiping their fingers on the screen.


airberlin decided to use Google Maps APIs in December 2013. The extensive customization options available in Google Maps and the intuitive, simple operation of the map were the main reasons airberlin chose Google. With the new mapping solution, panning and zooming within the map is now possible. It displays pulsating destination points as well as the IATA airport codes, which are used to abbreviate airports, airfields, airlines, and aircraft models. Furthermore, when a destination is selected, the new map contains information on the weather and local time.


  • Better, clearer route visualization
  • Users can quickly and easily plan and optimize routes right from the Google Maps interface
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which API airberlin has used to create their website and mobile application:


Google Maps Javascript API

Displays destinations, potential routes and destination current temperature

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