akippa powers Japan’s most popular website and mobile app for sharing parking spaces.

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months to launch the akippa service
“Google Maps’ familiar interface and features such as Street View helped us solve one of Japanese drivers’ worst problems—easily reserving and finding free parking spaces.”

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Japanese cities are very congested, making it difficult for the owners of the more than 76 million cars in the country to find convenient parking. akippa set out to solve that problem by building a peer-to-peer service -- like Airbnb for parking -- that allows sharing of empty monthly or private parking spaces with others. akippa chose Google Maps for its familiar interface and its ability to easily scale as the service grows, allowing akippa to regularly add new features.


akippa used the Google Maps JavaScript API to build the website that lets customers find and reserve parking near their destinations, and share spots with others. It built its mobile apps with the Google Maps SDK for iOS and the Google Maps Android API. The spots are not always available in lots with large, clearly marked signboards. To make it easier for customers to locate available spots, akippa uses Google Maps Street View, so drivers can easily find the locations. akippa is looking to expand the service by partnering with car-rental and car-sharing services. It is also planning to launch the service in other countries.


  • akippa easily scaled to meet growing demand, with no interruption in service
  • Google Maps features including Street View increase ease
  • akippa was able to launch its service within three to four months and is expanding its business overseas
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs akippa has used to create its website and mobile apps:


Google Maps Javascript API

Built the akippa website


Google Street View Image API

Helps drivers find parking spots


Google Maps Geocoding API

Converts geographic coordinates into addresses


Google Maps SDK for iOS

Built the iOS akippa mobile app


Google Maps Android API

Built the Android mobile app

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