Cornershop, launched in 2015, has quickly grown into the largest on-demand grocery service in Latin America, operating in three cities in Mexico and one in Chile.

Mexican pesos ($21.8 million) were spent using Cornershop in 2016
Shoppers deliver grocery orders to customers
orders are made via mobile devices
“On-demand grocery delivery is new to Latin America, and Google Maps’ reliability, useful APIs and familiar interface have helped us build an easy-to-use service that people are comfortable with.”

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In 2015, Cornershop set out to become the largest on-demand grocery delivery service in Mexico. It has since become the largest business of its kind in Latin America. To achieve this growth, Cornershop needed a mapping platform that would let customers order from their mobile phones or via the web, and provide the infrastructure for dispatching shoppers to pick up and deliver groceries as efficiently as possible. Cornershop chose Google Maps because it provides the most comprehensive set of APIs and the most accurate mapping data.


Google Maps APIs power every step of Cornershop’s ordering and delivery process. Cornershop customers using mobile devices place their orders via apps built with the Google Maps Android API and the Google Maps SDK for iOS, while web customers use a site built with the Google Maps JavaScript API. The APIs display maps, let customers easily select their locations on them, and show the progress of their orders. On the backend, Google Maps Geocoding API finds customer addresses, and Google Map Distance Matrix API calculates estimated delivery times. Drivers use an app built with the Waze API to determine the most efficient delivery routes, which allows Cornershop to deliver orders within 90 minutes.


  • Cornershop estimates it will deliver more than one million grocery orders in 2017
  • Due to its dramatic growth, Cornershop was named one of Forbes’ 30 most promising Mexican companies
  • Google Maps’ familiar interface makes it easy for customers to order groceries and for shoppers to deliver them within 90 minutes
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs Cornershop has used to create its service:


Google Maps Javascript API

Runs the website that allows customers to order groceries


Google Maps Geocoding API

Uses reverse geocoding to determine a customer’s precise delivery location


Google Maps Distance Matrix API

Calculates estimated delivery times


Google Maps Android API

Powers the Android app that lets customers order groceries


Google Maps SDK for iOS

Powers the iOS app that lets customers order groceries

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