Douglas and Gordon

Douglas and Gordon delivers more intuitive and relevant property searches, including the ability to look up nearby places of interest.

"It’s all about location, location, location. With Google Maps, our users can explore a property’s surrounding area on their computer or mobile device using an independent source of information—beyond the real estate agent’s point of view."

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As the London property market continued to accelerate, Douglas and Gordon was facing increased competition to attract buyers and sellers, both from brick and mortar estate agents and online property sites. To strengthen its position, the firm decided to revamp its web and mobile presence.


Focusing on user-friendly, client-centric features, Douglas and Gordon decided to use Google Maps to update the website’s property search feature. To help navigate the array of customizable options available for Google Maps, it approached Google Premier Partner Snowdrop Solutions for integration support on the new site. Snowdrop worked with Douglas and Gordon to develop a bespoke widget based on two key Google Maps products: Google Maps APIs and Google Places API—giving users the ability to enhance their property searches with additional information about the surrounding area, and time-based searches to identify travel distance to and from the property.


  • The updated website gives customers a more intuitive and relevant search experience
  • The Places API lets potential buyers see places of interest within a property’s surrounding area before deciding to attend an in-person viewing
  • Since the map data is updated in real-time, potential buyers have access to the most accurate data — and Douglas and Gordon does not need to worry about manually updating information to its website
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs Snowdrop has used to create the new Douglas and Gordon website:


Google Maps Directions API

Calculate the best routes


Google Places API Web Service

Search places and locations


Google Maps Javascript API

Build and customize map


Google Static Maps API

Display map on the site

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