GoOpti is a long-distance shuttle service connecting travelers from their homes in small cities to large airport hubs.

cities and 33 airports in 7 European countries are served by GoOpti
vans drive customers during peak season
people have used GoOpti’s service
“Google Maps helped us build a successful airport shuttle service in seven European countries by making it easy for passengers to book rides, and for us to properly route our vans.”

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In Europe, many people live in small towns and remote areas and can’t easily travel to major airports in big cities because of a lack of public transportation or expensive taxi services. GoOpti launched a shuttle service for such travelers, and needed a mapping platform that would let it easily determine passenger pickup locations, even in rural areas, and batch them to create the most time-efficient routes for drivers.


GoOpti chose Google Maps to build its web site for passengers to schedule shuttle rides and for the mobile app its drivers use. It chose Google Maps because the APIs offer the most comprehensive feature set and the maps are the most accurate and complete, particularly in the small towns that GoOpti serves. GoOpti used the Google Maps Javascript API to build the booking website, and Google Maps Geocoding API and the auto-complete feature of the Google Maps Places API to verify passengers’ pickup locations. To optimize pickups for drivers and calculate driving times, it uses the Google Maps Distance Matrix API and the Google Maps Directions API.


  • Customers save on average 80 euros and arrive at their destination one hour sooner compared to flying from the nearest airport
  • GoOpti has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 10,000 tons by pooling travelers into shuttle pools
  • Improved booking, pick-up and drop-off have led to GoOpti’s high 78-out-of 100 Net Promoter Score, which rates a company’s excellence of service
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs GoOpti has used to create their website and mobile applications:


Google Maps Javascript API

Displays the web site that allows passenger to book rides


Google Maps Distance Matrix API

Verifies passenger pickup locations


Google Places API JavaScript Library

Makes it easy for passengers to choose their pickup locations


Google Maps SDK for iOS

Built the GoOpti Android drivers’ app for drivers

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