GreatSchools helps parents choose the ideal schools for their children, and gives advocacy groups the tools to build demand for educational innovation.

people visit the GreatSchools web site annually
public and private school profiles are available on the GreatSchools website
“With Google Maps, we help parents find the best-fit schools for their children. Parents and advocacy groups also access information about schools to push for greater innovation and equity in education.”

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GreatSchools, a national education nonprofit, empowers parents to improve educational opportunity for their children. It offers information about the quality of schools gathered from federal, state, and local governments, and from parents, students, and teachers. The organization wanted to help parents search for schools by location, get vital information about them and compare them to one another.


The Google Maps Geocoding API determines the locations of schools parents search for on the GreatSchools website. These locations are pinned on the map using the Google Maps JavaScript API. Parents can read report cards about each school, which include test scores, student-teacher ratios and diversity statistics. The website also shows district boundaries, so families can assess schools in a given neighborhood. Advocacy groups use the site to identify educational inequalities and lobby for better educational opportunities. Parents in California’s Redwood City, including many Latino families, found through the site that nearby schools performed better than theirs, and partnered with the school board to build a charter school designed to be successful in communities like theirs.


  • Nearly half of all American parents read report cards and parent reviews of schools on to help match their children with the best schools.
  • National and local advocacy groups use the site to highlight educational inequalities in different areas and push for better schools for all children.
  • Families use to assess schools when moving to a new area.
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs GreatSchools has used to create their website:


Google Maps Javascript API

Shows the locations of schools on the GreatSchools website


Google Maps Geocoding API

Determines the locations of schools, which are then pinned on the GreatSchools website

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