Hire1 gives companies throughout Sri Lanka access to a sophisticated, on-demand logistics platform for couriers, trucking and delivery services.

reduction in development time for web and mobile apps
B2B customers have signed up in the last 15 months
“We used Google Maps to build two web apps and a mobile app that connect businesses to drivers, track deliveries, and let our dispatchers efficiently route all traffic.”

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Businesses frequently rely on multiple delivery and transportation companies, including couriers, truckers and freight forwarding services, for getting supplies to warehouses, products to customers and other shipping needs. It’s difficult to track all the services and get a clear picture of costs. Sri Lanka-based Hire1 set out to solve those problems by developing a unified logistics platform for businesses to easily book, track and manage all their delivery and transportation services.


Hire1 built the platform using Google Maps APIs. A web portal powered by the Google Maps JavaScript API and Google Place Autocomplete lets customers set destinations for package deliveries, and track their progress. A backend server using the Google Maps Directions API and Google Map Distance Matrix API calculates the cost of each delivery. A dispatching web app built with Google Maps JavaScript API helps the operations team assign deliveries to specific drivers and monitor deliveries. The Android app developed with the Google Maps Android API shows drivers the the location of their pickups, and provides driving directions with Google Maps Directions API. MediaAgility, a premier Google Cloud partner, provided licensing help and technical support. “Google Maps cut our development time by half, has highly accurate location information and and offers a friendly, familiar interface to our customers, making them more likely to sign up and use our services,” says Hire1 CEO Yeshanth Gunewardena.


  • Hire1 cut development time in half, saving money and bringing new features to market more quickly
  • Customers can see real-time progress of their goods being delivered and get highly accurate delivery price quotations
  • Because of optimized routing capabilities, only 20 drivers handle deliveries to all Hire1’s customers
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs Hire1 used to create their sites and Android app:


Google Maps Javascript API

Used to build the Hire1 customer portal and display delivery locations. Also used to build the dispatching web app


Google Places API JavaScript Library

Helps customers choose delivery locations and search for businesses or landmarks


Google Maps Directions API

Helps calculate the cost of deliveries, provide ETAs and gives drivers turn-by-turn directions to delivery locations


Google Maps Distance Matrix API

Helps calculate the cost of deliveries


Google Maps Android API

Used to build the drivers’ Android app, provide map views to drivers helping prioritize jobs and identify low-traffic travel routes

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