honestbee delivers groceries and offers pick-up-drop-off laundry service in eight Asian cities

cities serviced by honestbee, more to come
“delivery bees” serve honestbee’s customers
hours saved per user per week by using honestbee
“Using Google Maps, we've built a logistics platform to help us become the largest grocery delivery service in Asia. With this platform, we're expanding into laundry, and plan to grow beyond that."

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honestbee launched in Singapore in July, 2015 with the goal of being Asia’s largest and most convenient online supermarket. Soon after launching, the company looked for a mapping service that would increase the efficiency of its dispatchers, automate order batching and give users an easy way to order groceries from a mobile app. It also wanted the maps to be a platform on which it could build other delivery services, such as for picking up and delivering laundry.


honestbee chose Google Maps and Google Maps APIs to build its dispatching and logistics platform and mobile apps because Google Maps has the most accurate and comprehensive mapping information, and the most sophisticated set of APIs. honestbee used the Google Maps Distance Matrix API to build a batching engine, which automates dispatching drivers, and optimizes pickup and dropoff points. In instances where deliveries are too complex to be automatically handled by the batching engine, dispatchers match drivers with customers using a web-based map built with the Google Maps Javascript API. Customers place their orders using Android and iOS apps built around these mapping services. The Android app was built using the Google Maps Android API, and the iOS app was built with the Google Maps SDK for iOS.


  • Launched a grocery delivery service in four Asian cities
  • Improved the efficiency of dispatchers and drivers
  • Reduced development time and speed time to market by using Google Maps APIs
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs Honestbee has used to create their website and mobile applications:


Google Maps Javascript API

Display locations of drivers, customers, and grocery stores


Google Maps Distance Matrix API

Used by honestbee’s batching engine to optimize delivery driver routes


Google Maps Android API

Build the honestbee customer map-based Android app


Google Maps SDK for iOS

Build the honestbee customer map-based iOS app

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