helps people book vacation flights and rooms at tens of thousands of hotels around the world.

hotels offer deals through the web site
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“Using Google Maps, we’ve built a website that makes it simple for customers to choose the best vacation destinations and hotels. They also get help selecting the most convenient departure airports.”

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Challenge, launched in 2004, books vacation travel via its website to vacation locations around the world, using more than 30 German tour operators, airlines and multiple hotel review services. As it grew, it wanted to offer better services than competitors, and to do that needed a mapping platform that would let customers view the locations of hotels at their destinations before booking, and help them choose the most convenient departure airports.

Solution chose Google Maps in 2015 because it provides the most complete mapping coverage of locations around the world, and because customers are already familiar with its interface. also found its APIs easy to integrate with its website. used the Google Maps Javascript API to build its website and show customers their destinations on maps, including the locations of hotels. The autocomplete feature of the Javascript API helps customers select their destinations and home locations. uses the Google Maps Directions API to help customers navigate to nearby airports, and the Google Maps Distance Matrix API to calculate the distance and time between their homes and departure airports so they can choose the nearest one.


  • 980,000 people visit the website annually
  • More than 4,500 people booked travel through in 2016
  • needs fewer customer service representatives because its website helps customers select convenient departure airports
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs has used to create their website:


Google Maps Javascript API

Shows destinations, airport locations and hotels on the website


Google Maps Geocoding API

Helps determine a customer’s location


Google Maps Directions API

Shows directions to departure airports


Google Maps Distance Matrix API

Calculates distance and time between customers’ homes and departure airports

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