Posterscope uses advertising data, technology, and its staff’s deep planning expertise to create campaigns that raise visibility for its clients’ brands.

countries covered by maps-powered ECOS tool
"Google Maps APIs help us continually evolve our maps so that ECOS is even more essential to our media planners' workdays."

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Posterscope wanted to expand access to maps to its planning teams and gain the flexibility to view different data sources within maps. They were also developing their own suite of tools for planning out-of-home campaigns. When planning out-of-home advertising campaigns, Posterscope needs to know the exact location of potential sites for client advertising, demographics for the area around each site, and distance to the client’s business or nearest retail location. The addition of digital screens and signage to street furniture like bus shelters and phone kiosks has expanded the universe of potential locations far beyond billboards.


Posterscope developed their own suite of tools for planning out-of-home campaigns. The suite, called ECOS, helps planners gather data relevant to a campaign, manage campaign workflows, and create visuals showing the chosen out-of-home locations. Posterscope media planners have the freedom to upload and view maps with a variety of data relating to potential advertising locations, they can make smarter, faster decisions about which locations to include in campaigns. They can also include audience research about potential viewers for advertising locations and cut down on the multiple meetings that would take place while they determined which POIs had availability for advertising campaigns. If clients want to see an actual out-of-home location, Posterscope planners can pull up an image using the Street View API.


  • The in-depth data about advertising locations helps clients create more effective ad campaigns
  • Maps are built and viewable in hours instead of days
  • Eliminated extra meetings with media location owners and clients, so campaigns get approved faster
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs Porterscope has used to create their website:


Google Maps Distance Matrix API

Provide travel distances between out-of-home locations


Google Maps Geocoding API

Convert addresses of out-of-home locations and places markers on ad campaign maps


Google Static Maps API

Embed Google Maps into web pages


Google Street View Image API

Allow planners and clients to choose street views of out-of-home locations

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