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Sección Amarilla offers map-based business listings, website creation and other e-commerce services in Mexico.

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“With Google Maps we make it easy for people to find businesses anywhere in the country, view the exact location on a map and get directions and other information — making shopping fast and convenient.”

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Sección Amarilla was founded in 1891 as Mexico’s first yellow pages-style directory for businesses. The company took its listings online in 2000 using a variety of web-based map solutions but found that providers had incomplete street data, slow download speeds in rural areas and inaccurate location data for listings. The poor mapping experience led to a 5 percent cancellation rate for business customers who were advertising on the site.


Not satisfied with other mapping solutions, Sección Amarilla turned to Google Maps to create a more reliable and rich map experience for businesses and consumers on its website and via its mobile app. Google Maps has accurate location data, advanced routing and Street View capabilities and a familiar user interface. The maps also load fast, even for rural areas where bandwidth is low. After Google, the number of map-related cancellations dropped to zero. For Sección Amarilla’s developers, using Google Maps APIs was easy given the accessibility of documentation and the support of business partner — Buffete de Soluciones Integrales (BSI).


  • Usage doubled the first year after the Google Maps launch and increased 30 percent after the mobile app launch
  • Business listings volume grew up to 5-10 percent after moving to Google Maps
  • Saved 60 percent in map licensing costs with Google Maps
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APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs Sección Amarilla has used to create its website and mobile app:


Google Maps Javascript API

Displays locations of businesses on local maps


Google Places API Web Service

Integrates with the businesses shown in the Sección Amarilla listings to provide a better user experience


Google Maps Geocoding API

Converts business locations to addresses marked by pins on maps


Google Maps Directions API

Shows routes between users’ locations and businesses


Google Maps Distance Matrix API

Uses distance data to include traffic information for specific routes

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