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Making booking a taxi safe, convenient, fast and cost-effective with the Taiwan Taxi Maps-based mobile app.

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Len Nan - Senior Manager, Business Support Department


Traditionally, hailing a taxi outside of major cities in Taiwan is challenging. Taxis in smaller cities queue outside the train and bus stations, but are few and far between otherwise. Passengers had to make a voice call and state their pickup location to book a taxi if they needed one. Even with automated options such as pre-registered locations, passengers incur call charges to complete a booking. Riding on the increasing popularity of mobile apps, Taiwan Taxi decided to be the first taxi company in Taiwan to offer passengers a more convenient way to book taxis.


Passengers clearly like the mobile apps, with the proportion of bookings coming through the app increasing from 30% to 72% since 2012. As mobile data plans offer unlimited usage of data in Taiwan, passengers can save on call charges when they make an app-based booking. Passengers using the mobile apps do not have to input a pickup location when they book a taxi, which is extremely helpful when they are in unfamiliar neighbourhoods. They can also add landmarks to their mobile bookings so the drivers know exactly where they are. Once a taxi has been assigned, passengers can also estimate arrival times and their taxi’s location on a Google map.


  • Boosted efficiency of bookings with visual tracking and assignment of taxis
  • Provided real-time visibility of routes, reducing the likelihood of disputes
  • Passengers using the mobile apps do not have to input a pickup location when they book a taxi

APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs Taiwan Taxi has used to create their mobile apps:


Google Maps Android API

Mobile Android app


Google Places API for Android

Add places and locations


Google Maps SDK for iOS

Mobile iOS app


Google Places API for iOS

Add places and locations

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