With SmartFeasibility, Vodafone changed feasibility testing from a manual to an automated process using Google Maps.

increase in capacity thanks to Maps-based web app
2 day
turnaround versus 5 before solution
new customers added per day
"Vodafone used to manually perform physical surveys for each feasibility, which is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Often, feasibility studies were delayed, and we missed out on opportunities to serve additional customers."

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Vodafone India had a manual, labor-intensive process for determining network capabilities and reach. The company sent field operatives to every customer location to conduct a feasibility study. These feasibility studies help Vodafone determine whether they can provide connectivity and services to customers based on the infrastructure at that location. Everyone from the IT team and end users to the field operatives doing the work recognized the need to adopt a new solution to automate the measurements. They needed a technology that was easy to use and maintain.


Partnering with Lepton Software (a leading global provider of location-based analytics solution) Vodafone introduced SmartFeasibility—a solution that changed the feasibility testing from a manual to an automated process. This involved a full Google geo platform solution – leveraging world class technology like maps, roads and directions. With the new solution, Vodafone India no longer needs field operatives to manually calculate these measurements. With Google Maps, users can search customers’ addresses, calculate the distance between Vodafone’s location and the customer’s location and research building data such as height. The old system of having field operatives collect data was unreliable. With Google Maps APIs, the Vodafone India team knows that the measurements are accurate and reliable.


  • Employees are able to access information faster with SmartFeasibility—they have data at their fingertips, rather than waiting for an employee to collect it
  • Field operatives have increased their conversion rates by providing more accurate readings on feasibilities and closing more customer business
  • Addresses are now easy to find with a click of a button. The Vodafone India team can search feasibilities that have been loaded into the database, so if there’s an issue or if they need to reference a past action, they have that information at their fingertips

APIs used

Millions of apps and sites use Google Maps APIs to benefit from a powerful mapping platform. Discover which set of APIs Vodafone has used to create their website:


Google Maps Directions API

Identify and search customer addresses


Google Maps Geocoding API

Conduct feasibility testing remotely


Google Maps Roads API

Calculate measurements remotely


Google Maps Javascript API

Calculate measurements remotely

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