Improve underwriting

Create accurate quotes

Model and visualize customer demographics in specific areas for more accurate policies and quotes.

Model risk

Situations can be simulated and visualized to help assess future risks.

Efficient claims process

Better claims process

One model that allows all relevant information to be collected from the field and shared with relevant staff.

Improve customer satisfaction

Your teams can better serve customers by having access to information about their area.

Efficient sales and marketing

Target marketing

Analyze demographics and customer behavior by geography, making offers more targeted and relevant.

Map sales territories

Map territories by area to improve visibility into sales performance.

Better incident management

Improve decision-making

View and assess the impact of incidents with improved modeling and geographic data for more accurate loss information.

Improve incident management

Easily track and share information with claims teams, and deploy agents by locating and dispatching the nearest field crews.

Reconstruct accidents

Reconstruct recent accidents with fully or partially obstructed views with improved 3-D and 2-D modeling.
See your data on Google Maps

Make your geospatial data more accessible so that anyone in your workforce, from the office to the field, can find it. With your data securely stored on Google's cloud, mobile workers can access maps anytime, and collaborate from anywhere on any device.

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Your assets

Get a unified view of customers, marketing regions and updates from your field teams.


Your Imagery

View your proprietary imagery, such as floodplain and claims photos.


Your Data

Collect and map your own data and perform historical analysis to improve risk modeling.


Third-Party Data

Leverage third-party data such as imagery from a local municipality or risk data.


Google Maps

For more information on how you can improve decision-making and performance with Google Maps, contact a Google Sales Consultant.

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