Commerce Connector

Commerce Connector offers Buy Now solutions to help brands make digital touchpoints shoppable. Based on online or local stock information consumers are led from product pages to retail-partners to instantly buy. Commerce Connector is active in 50+ markets with 130+ brands and cooperates with over 4.000 retailers.

Today and in the future, brands in most sectors will generate the majority of their turnover through retail partners—both online and in-stores. Commerce Connector helps brands drive sales by easily and conveniently leading consumers worldwide to retailers where they can make their purchase. No matter the digital touchpoint on which brands and consumers come in contact with one another. We interface directly with thousands of retailers that have joined the Commerce Connector platform in recent years. This allows us to know precisely where a certain product is currently available, enabling consumers to easily and quickly make a purchase. The cornerstone of our success: Precise and up-to-date data, immediate availability, and a high-performance platform. In collaboration with our customers and partners as well as internally at Commerce Connector, many innovative new applications and solutions arise from information about product availability. They range from apps, to digital POS terminals, to new digital ad formats. Our international team with flat hierarchies and a genuine team spirit builds the backbone of our company. The experience, know-how and commitment of our employees greatly contribute to Commerce Connector’s progress. Our clear focus through it all: the success of our customers.

Solutions from Commerce Connector

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