SADA Systems

SADA Systems is a global leader in providing business and technology consulting services that transform organizations through innovative cloud-based solutions. As one of the first 10 launch partners for Google Enterprise in 2007 and now a Google Cloud Partner, SADA Systems has proven expertise in geospatial technologies, as well as enterprise consulting, custom application development, UX/UI design, and solutions integration.

In 2013, SADA Systems became a Google Maps Premier Partner, and helped transform the role of partners in the realm of geospatial technologies on Google Maps and Cloud Platform. Named Global Partner of the Year for Google Maps by Google Enterprise in 2014 and 2015, SADA has a successful track record of delivering geospatial technologies for various segments including commercial, government and education. SADA builds applications using Google Maps APIs running on Google Cloud Platform, solving complex business challenges through innovative solutions. Applications include dotMaps and Atom, used nationwide by cities and agencies to solve complex project management, asset management and reporting challenges.

Solutions from SADA Systems

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