Density – The Interactive Heat Map Tool

Map up your data & discover new potential for your business.

Benefits & Key Features

Visualize Big Data: Companies have never had as much data on their customers, processes, markets, and products as they do today. Density​ is a heat map tool based on the Google Maps JavaScript API that helps companies visualize and analyze up to 10 million data points on an interactive Google Map in real time. Density enables you to plot your business data against big data from various other sources, providing insights on the influence of traffic, public transport, and weather information on your data. Adding a temporal reference to the spatial visualization on the Google Map helps you gain a completely new understanding of what you already have at hand.

Leverage Your Data’s Potential: Explore your data in real time with easy-to-use slide controls giving you the freedom to dynamically change your visualization on a Google Map. Filter your data according to your needs and intuitively adjust factors for analysis. Cross-filters facilitate multidimensional evaluation in real time, providing new insights at a glance.

Data Safety: Density is designed to meet the highest safety standards, ensuring that your sensitive business data stays safe on your local device.

Technology Solution

We developed Density as a modular application that can be adapted to meet individual customer needs. The point data collected by our customers is plotted on a Google Map. Depending on the intention of the data analysis, companies can filter the wide range of data and are able to define various display features. Cross filters allow the user to change the displayed data dynamically and assess it as and when needed. The color and style of the map can be customized in accordance with the company’s needs.

Density’s modular design allows us to also build a desktop version according to customer's needs. As a desktop tool, Density meets the same safety and data privacy standards as the web-based service.

APIs used

Google Maps JS API
Google Maps JS API
Google Maps Geocoding API
Google Maps Geocoding API

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