Easy to use, low cost basemaps as a service.

Benefits & Key Features

Leverage Google Cloud Platform to stream OGC compliant WMS and WMTS services into GIS and CAD packages. Extremely low cost of delivery. Manage and track usage through detailed statistics and heat mapping.

Technology Solution

Aerial imagery is among the largest of geospatial data sets. Users of imagery want it to be fast and reliable, but given the size of the data, storing and serving imagery can be expensive and creating high performance can be challenging. The Giza Tile Pyramid Serving Appliance leverages the power and low cost of the commercial clouds to reduce these common problems. Giza publishes OGC compliant WMS and WMTS services that can be seamlessly consumed into environments such as ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online. Just as people have become increasingly comfortable streaming music and video, the Giza Appliance provides the ability to cost effectively stream high resolution imagery into your desktop GIS software and mapping web-sites easily and with fast performance.

Giza is a Node.js server application that runs on virtual servers hosted in Google Cloud Platform. The Giza Appliance accesses storage buckets containing tile pyramids that are derived from imagery and delivers them to client software and websites as high performance, OGC-compliant WMS and WMTS web services. Giza also provides a download capability for small batch downloads of original imagery files.

The responsive browser-based Giza Administrative User Interface provides front-end tools to set-up layers and metadata indexes, create authorized users and administer secure access to the layers, preview layers and download images via map-based user interface, publish and distribute WMS/WMTS end-points, and track usage and access user statistics reports (including heatmaps) on the WMS/WMTS services.

Customer Validation

“AppGeo’s Giza is totally designed with the end user in mind. As functionality expands and improves, the simplicity and ease of use remains the same. The ability to use Giza for maintaining the Texas Imagery Service, retrieving the image tiles, managing users, and keeping tabs on usage is the ultimate in efficiency and convenience.”

APIs used

Google Maps JS API
Google Maps JS API

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