Tailored Tracking System BSI

A solution to examine, monitor and manage vehicles.

Benefits & Key Features

Tailored Tracking System BSI is a tracking system that allows you to visualize your vehicles up-to-the-minute, keep the trajectory and status on a map, present complementary information of each vehicle by an infowindow on the map. In addition, the system administrates and generates incidents reports, vehicles, work groups and resources (vehicles, GPS devices, work groups, users, projects, Geofences) allowing to meet and follow-up each case. The system involves all of the business operators while accessing into the system in 3 user levels according to activity and hierarchy.

Technology Solution

Tracking System BSI is a flexible, adaptable and custom-made system for your business that will help you to integrate all asset data through surveillance, control and attention. Thus, it allows your users to address atypical data by creating alarms and creating reports about the activities, managing projects, geofences, devices, vehicles and segmenting the access into 3 types of users with different roles.

APIs used

Google Maps JS API
Google Maps JS API
Google Maps Geocoding API
Google Maps Geocoding API

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