See what you can do when you combine your store
and customer data with Google Maps.
  • Online Sales

    Store locator

    Provide customers with updated store information and store locations closest to them.

    Customer satisfaction

    Display store inventory online to help customer identify locations where products are available.
  • Increase Sales

    Target Consumers

    Analyze demographics and customer shopping behaviors by geographic mapping data.

    Improve margins

    Better allocate advertising dollars based on analysis of area and p otential media buys.

    New store locations

    Geographic data helps understand customer demographics and patterns to optimize new store locations.
  • Improve Merchandising

    Optimize store inventory

    Configure store format and other aspects of merchandising by geographic area and demographics.

    Improve customer retention

    Customized merchandising allows stores to stock inventory based on segmented consumer needs.
  • Efficient Maintenance

    Coordinate technicians

    Locations needing maintenance and repair can be pinpointed to where field technicians are available.

    Improve repair times

    Maintenance and customer information is gathered into one view, providing customer service with a clear picture.
See your data on Google Maps

Make your geospatial data more accessible so that anyone in your workforce, from the office to the field, can find it. With your data securely stored in Google's cloud, mobile workers can access maps anytime, and collaborate from anywhere on any device.

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Your assets

Get a unified view of your assets such as property locations, mobile team, delivery trucks.


Your Imagery

Add your own imagery such as store floorplans and property imagery.


Your Data

Monitor your assets in real time, including aisle data, sales data and inventory data.


Third-Party Data

Use third-party data such as demographic data, supply chain data and real estate data.


Google Maps

For more information on how you can improve decision-making and performance with Google Maps, contact a Google Sales Consultant.

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