See what you can do when you combine your
customer and operational data with Google Maps

Sales and Marketing

Find new customers

Improve sales and profitability through effective target marketing data and analytics.

Identify market growth

Find new market opportunities by mapping coverage data, license areas and customer information.

Improve marketing strategy

Perform statistical and marketing analysis to determine the effectiveness of current campaigns.

Mobile workforce management

Streamline and dispatch

Ready customer care reps in the field and assign service orders based on proximity.

Customized scheduling

Improve efficiency by optimizing your fleet and routing system based on company, customer and service area.

Improve maintenance and repair

Locate all equipment and technicians in real time with faster results and easy data sharing.

Construction planning

Improve modeling and design

Use GIS to create highly accurate models and design drawings for new construction.

Streamline projects

Easily integrate data while using multiple processes including data collection, modeling and project coordination.

Environmental management

Monitor and comply with environmental regulations for construction zones without affecting regulated areas.

Network Planning

Predictive planning

Make better decisions by identifying trouble areas and visualizing network scenarios.

Monitor network

Better understand network areas, so each manager and sales rep knows what areas are their responsibilities.

Improve regulatory compliance

Easily analyze and share necessary regulatory requirement information to governing agencies.
See your data on Google Maps

Make your geospatial data more accessible so that anyone in your workforce, from the office to the field, can find it. With your data securely stored in Google's cloud, mobile workers can access maps anytime, and collaborate from anywhere on any device.

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Your assets

Get a unified view of your assets such as field teams, infrastructure and equipment.


Your Imagery

Add your own imagery such as aerial imagery and coverage territories.


Your Data

Map your data such as coverage data, subscriber data, sales data.


Third-Party Data

Use third-party data such as topography and altitude data.


Google Maps

For more information on how you can improve decision-making and performance with Google Maps, contact a Google Sales Consultant.

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