See what you can do when you combine
your location and customer data with Google Maps.

Online Customer Engagement

Increase customer satisfaction

Provide localized lists of restaurants or hotels with an interactive map for customers to view online.

Faster results and easier sharing

Captivate your customers in real time with mobile apps that provide intuitive travel information and convenient tools.

Sales and Marketing

Analyze customer data

Improve your sales and profitability by monitoring and analyzing consumer spending trends.

Improve marketing

Customize your promotional offers and advertising dollars based on specific geographical locations and market growth.

Find new locations

Identify expansion opportunities suitable to tourists or tourism using location data and analytic tools.

Facilities Management

Quicker analysis and decision making

Locate and manage all company assets to streamline maintenance and deliver processes.

Share secure data

Easily distribute relevant data across the entire organization for more efficient updates and task management.

Emergency Management

Reduce risks and increase safety

Monitor and track security weaknesses for multiple hotel or restaurant locations at one time to prevent incidents.

Respond Faster

Real time processing allows operations managers and executives to send and receive emergency information.
See your data on Google Maps

Make your geospatial data more accessible so that anyone in your workforce, from the office to the field, can find it. With your data securely stored in Google's cloud, mobile workers can access maps anytime, and collaborate from anywhere on any device.

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Your assets

Get a unified view of your assets such as facilities locations and transport fleet.


Your Imagery

Add your own imagery such as aerial imagery, facilities floor plans and territories.


Your Data

Map your data such as sales data and visitors data.


Third-Party Data

Use third-party data such as weather data and tourism information.


Google Maps

For more information on how you can improve decision-making and performance with Google Maps, contact a Google Sales Consultant.

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