The Services Track

The Services Track is for partners who provide services to customers, such as selling, consulting, training, implementing and providing technical support for Google Cloud products.

Annual Requirements

  Partner Premier Partner

Update business plan

info_outline Business Plan should contain your go-to-market plan and expected performance metrics.
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New customers

info_outline You are required to acquire a certain number of new customers every year.
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Business & technical credentials

info_outline Our business & technical credentials prepares our partners to service and support our customers. Credentials consist of training, participation in our partner community, and demonstration of skills by passing examples or completing hands-on activities.
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Reselling Services Partners Only Partner Premier Partner

Business targets ($)

info_outline Partners are expected to generate a certain amount of business every year from new customers.
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New business growth

info_outline New business growth is calculated by comparing the difference between total new bookings over two calendar years (evaluation period).

The complete list of requirements is available on the Google Cloud & Google for Education Partner Program Guide. Please note that access to the Program Guide is limited to registered applicants & partners.